Designed For Professionals

The purpose of the SILLAC training is to teach Regional Regulatory Chemical Management Compliance to environmental and labor law attorneys, regulatory analysts, chemists, toxicologists, CEOs, and executives working in, but not limited to the following industries: chemicals, food, cosmetics, healthcare, automotive, industrial equipment, oil & gas, petrochemical, plastics, energy, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods. Professionals who are working in any of the mentioned industries will benefit from taking courses according to their specific area of specialization, such as cosmetics, food, or plastic industries. Notwithstanding labor and environmental attorneys and/or criminal or civil attorneys looking to add value to their practice find that the RRCMC Training provides the knowledge and skill necessary to broaden the scope of their legal services.
Designed For Professionals

Specialists in International Law on Latin America and the Caribbean (SILLAC) is the first international law firm to design and offer this online chemical management training for individuals and companies to benefit from in-house, group, and individual training that will save time and money.

Become a Certified Chemical Management Specialist...

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Businesses NEED Chemical Management Experts. Learn hands on expert level knowledge from our international experts. Stand out from the pile of resumes!

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All courses listed in the catalog are taught by regional and international law instructors highly specialized in environmental, workplace safety and health, and chemical management compliance. The legislative dynamics of the regulatory framework in LAC jurisdictions, as in all legal systems, makes the RRCMC Specialization subject to modifications and changes. Required courses, such as Introduction to Chemical Management in LAC provides the necessary research skills to keep abreast of regulatory reforms and repeals to update compliance materials in their areas of specialization.

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RRCMC includes the following certifications:

  • Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification, Labelling, Packaging of Hazardous Chemicals

  • Safety Data Sheet and Authoring (GHS)

  • Country-specific regulations for classification, labeling, packaging and MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet)

  • Cosmetics

  • Dangerous Substances and Preparations

  • Environment

  • Fertilizers/Pesticides/Biocides

  • Food Additives Food Contact

  • Import and Export of Chemicals and Drugs

  • Textiles

Also Includes...

  • Transportation

  • Workplace Safety/OELS/Biological Indexes

  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and Electronic and Battery Waste

  • Environmental and Labor Law compliance and Civil and Criminal responsibility for non-compliance.